Making the Right Choices

We make our decisions, and our decisions make us. People can influence our being, but it’s up to us if we want to be influenced by them. The quality of our decision-making will determine us in the near future. We will regret some of those we decide, but feel good on others. A survey conducted […]

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A Force Of Quantity

I am a choir member.Honestly,I hate singing and I don’t liked or even loved being a choir member. It seems it’s a shame Why in the world do I have to? Its because we’re little in quantity.We’re just 16 building up this ministry or even less than that for others were busy or so on.There […]

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My prayer

Almighty God,thank you for this day for giving me another life,thank you for providing my needs.I pray for strength so that I may glorify You with all my might and I may show the world Your words.I pray for knowledge and wisdom in order for me to decide things according to Your will.I pray for […]

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