A Glance to My Perspective(me ten years from now)

Camera 360


-I as rushing for my appointment with a local singer.

It’s been seven years since I work for a company known as Henzi, its more on gown designs. I’ve studied designing here in abroad for over 6 years.

I’ve been busy with my position as the manager of the A team.

It’s quite some time since I did not go back to my hometown. I’ve been supporting my brother’s fees. I also planned for my parents to live with me, here since I already have my savings.

I also left my families in the church. I’ve missed my pastor, our workers, my best friend and my first love. Of all this years, I did not ever received news from them. But then, Zheri who’s been my best friend there called me and it was a long talk for its just the time for us to make ‘chicka’ of our lives now. I also asked her about my first love. She said he’s fine.She called for her wedding and she asked me to make one for her. I asked her groom-to-be but she said it would be a surprise for me to come over to see for myself.

I didn’t over think for her groom-to be for……

“Okay,Children,do you that…”I was about to continue my story-telling when “Ohw,Moses again, wasn’t he the one who divided the red sea, right teacher?”a kid interrupted.I cool down myself then calmly said,”Yes,you’re right kid.You’re too bright to guess what I was about to tell.”

I am a Sunday kid’s teacher. It’s been years since I became one of the members here in a big church. Thank God I was one assigned to teach, that’s why you’ve got to take much patience to these generation. I bet they’re very good story-teller than I, that’s why I’ve got to secure myself from this incident or else any minute, a volcanic explosion may occur.

I usually design in peaceful scenery, I decided for her to wear what she usually likes, simple dresses. I did not elaborate much on beads. But soon,atleast,I made her “Yes” on my design.


-a wedding music plays.

I was walking down the aisle where I saw the back part of my best friend and her husband.

“Husband…..you may kiss your bride”

As the guy lifted up the veil, to my great surprise and disappointment, it was my first love and it just broke my heart.

I just felt a warm liquid drop from my eye as I wake up from this dreadful dream.


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