A Force Of Quantity


I am a choir member.Honestly,I hate singing and I don’t liked or even loved being a choir member. It seems it’s a shame

Why in the world do I have to?

Its because we’re little in quantity.We’re just 16 building up this ministry or even less than that for others were busy or so on.There were about to 35-40 young people who were members of the church and out of that,only 16 choose to attend so.

Honestly,I was just force to attend or join for our quantity and because my mother liked to.That’s why I don’t do the proper singing but then I realize,I should improve my voice for the members of the choir and not to bash our instructor.

And I found it ALL WRONG…I should sing for God not to please these people and to sing the best I can.Well at first,I was harden up for I can’t sing loud but now I’m trying hard coz it’s for the Lord.


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