Making the Right Choices


We make our decisions, and our decisions make us. People can influence our being, but it’s up to us if we want to be influenced by them. The quality of our decision-making will determine us in the near future. We will regret some of those we decide, but feel good on others.

A survey conducted by professionals showed that people base their lives on ungodly and petty things. They depend on rather carnal or sensual things, and end up suffering and regretting later. While some of us base our decisions on impulsive feelings, most people actually base it on humanistic psychology.

So how can we make right choices then?

Accordingly, we have to refuse unreasonable and immoral counseling – the world’s shade of darker influence. Truthfully, bad pieces of advice can also come from pretentious church-goers, not only non-believers. Who knows, the person right beside you at this moment might actually be a cautious ‘beast’, waiting for the perfect moment to lead you astray.

When young, a child is always taught to refrain from unrighteous influences, those can that destroy one’s life and hopes for the future. When you expose yourself too much to the world, you will become so contaminated that you’d change yourself – the way you talk, act, and dress.

A person’s beliefs, values, family background, and environment are always major components of decision-making. But if you’d really like to make the right choices, pray and let Him guide you to make the right ones.

The best advice I can give you is, reflect on God’s words. Help yourself. That’s the only way to survive the inevitable.

Got from Ptr.Neil O.

Edited by:Carlijn Mae-Heart Balanoy


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